Monday, November 23, 2009

Health Warning

From a school district newsletter:

"We continue to see cases of H1N1 or flu-like illnesses"

Now there's a surprise. One's a pandemic and 'tis the season to get sniffles (falalalala lalalala).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Radical Intervention

For some reason, I've started to snore - and not just your common-or-garden snuffle. Even though my nasal passages are completely clear, I apparently now trumpet implausibly and almost comically loudly, though utterly sleep-deprivingly for my ill-fated bedfellow.

Fortunately (for her, that is), my now bleary-eyed wife was at the doctor yesterday, so she asked what could be done about this sudden-onset nocturnal noise pollution.

She came back with several business cards. One was for a doctor who specialises in facial plastic surgery, another from a neck-and-face surgeon.

Guess she's going to have to invest in earplugs then.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have quite a clever app on my iPhone called "i.TV". Among other things, this enables me to look up TV listings and reviews, consult and reorganise my Netflix queue, and if I had a TiVo DVR account, set up recordings of television programmes.

Yesterday afternoon, while consulting the blurb on a pilot show, I discovered a new aspect of i.TV: alerts. This is great because you can use this to be alerted about the airing of specific shows - single programmes or entire series - that you are interested in and might otherwise miss. And rather than having to painstakingly enter screening times and dates, you just click on the show and leave the app to do the rest.

Very chuffed at having discovered this function just hours before the screening of the new pilot, I set up an alert for the programme, although I was a little perturbed that there was no way of configuring when exactly the alert would sound.

Lo and behold, at precisely 8.10 that evening, my iPhone emitted a previously unknown alarm that, on extracting the phone from my trouser pocket, I was delighted to discover was my i.TV alert for the eagerly-anticipated pilot show - which began at 8pm.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"Serving the United States (including Alaska, Canada, and Europe)"