Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Odd Words

As my regular readers will know, I collect examples of strange uses of the English language by Americans, and publish these at the end of every year. I hope that the 2011 list of odd words meets with your approval:

  • Overcast (n): "There will be breaks in the overcast later in the day"
  • Get backlogged (v)
  • Facebook (v): "Facebook us!" (friending is sooo 2010)
  • Beautify (v)
  • Flex (v): Be flexible about
  • Threepeat (v): Repeat something three times
  • Ouster (n): The act of ousting
  • Disserve (v): Do a disservice to
  • Belongingness: Belonging
  • Tanner (adj): More tanned
  • Outreach (v): Reach out
  • Up (v): Increase
  • Impactive/impactful (adj): Having an impact
  • Headquartered (adj)
  • Barefootable (adj): Capable of running barefoot
  • Marriageable (adj): Capable of finding a spouse
  • Credentialled (v): Having credentials
  • Geek (v): I have no idea!!!
  • Bring to justice (usu. pp): Kill
  • Transact (v): Make a transaction
  • Dead end (v): "14 Mile Road dead ends in 1 mile"
  • Monogrammable
  • Install (n)
  • Awarded: Award-winning
  • Stank (n): Stink
  • Stankiest (adj): Smelliest

Odd Products

Yes, it really is a purple-and-blue cake

Honey, where did you put the glitter-duck Xmas decorations?

Prevents the neighbours' kids using your pool, I guess

(This was sold in a sports equipment shop)